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VENTO+ is a significant evolution of the VENTO electric wheelchair. To the already well-known practicality, ease of use and safety combined with an attractive design, VENTO+ adds the omni-directional wheels already working on the ARIA, independent suspension that increase comfort and ease to drive even on difficult terrain, and the possibility of adjusting armrest width and backrest inclination. VENTO+ is offered in two versions that differ in the size of the 10′ and 12′ wheels.

 4.050,00 4.500,00

Max speed

8 Km/h

Charge Time


23 - 29 Km

Technical Sheet

Main Specs

Suitable for

Speed range

8 Km/h (optional 10 Km/h)


brushless 2x150W

The largest user weight

150 Kg

User height

The largest current of the controller output



Wheel specifications

10′ (VENTO+) – 12′ (VENTO + PRO)

Slope bracking performance

Barrier crossing height

6 cm (VENTO+) – 8 cm (VENTO + PRO)

Ditch width

10 cm (VENTO+) – 15 cm (VENTO + PRO)

Hill climbing performance


Minimum radius of gyration

Static stability

Dynamic stability

Brake on level road

Anti-tip device tipping angles

Range temperature


Battery quantity

Lithium battery

20 Ah – optional: 25 Ah, 10Ah for air freight

Battery weight

3,3 Kg


Dimension & weights

Overall dimensions

987x640x932 mm (VENTO+) – 1052x640x956 (VENTO + PRO)

Stowage dimensions

770x640x500 mm (VENTO+) – 855x640x525 (VENTO + PRO)

The height of handle

Backrest angle

8° – 38°

Backrest height

Backrest angle

Distance from the plastic holder to the seat

Seat wide

Effective seat depth

Surface height of the front seat

Angle between leg and seat surface

Distance between armrests

455 mm (VENTO+) – 515 mm (VENTO + PRO)

Pivot width

Ground clearance

Total weight

32,2 kg (VENTO+) – 34 kg (VENTO + PRO)

Package size


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