Nuvola offers the possibility of a simple standing rehabilitation programme at home for users with reduced lower limb function during the rehabilitation period such as:
  • Persons with reduced or lost walking function and users with disorders of independent walking caused by diseases of the central nervous system and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • Users with lower limb dysfunctions such as strokes, spinal cord injuries (complete or incomplete), cerebral palsy and osteoarthritis caused by various reasons.
  • Users requiring support for the lower pelvis and lower extremities due to extensive scarring caused by various pathologies.
The use of NUVOLA improves blood circulation, moves joints, and avoids complications due to forced inactivity. Nuvola has a high-performance dual 250W brushless motor with direct drive and allows great adaptability to different road conditions.


Max speed

4.5 Km/h

Charge Time

4-6 hours


15 km

Technical Sheet

Main Specs

Suitable for

mild disability, lower limb dyskinesia, such as paraplegia, hemiplegia and the elderly


Folding mode

Speed range

4.5 Km/h


The largest user weight

40 – 120 Kg

User height

145 cm – 190 cm

The largest current of the controller output



Wheel specifications

Slope bracking performance

Barrier crossing height

40 mm

Ditch width

50 mm

Hill climbing performance

max 5°

Minimum radius of gyration

Static stability

Dynamic stability

Brake on level road

Anti-tip device tipping angles

Range temperature

0 – 45° Class C


Battery quantity

Lithium battery

17.5 Ah ternary lithium battery

Battery weight


Dimension & weights

Overall dimensions

Stowage dimensions

The height of handle

Backrest angle

Backrest height

Backrest angle

Distance from the plastic holder to the seat

Seat wide

Effective seat depth

Surface height of the front seat

Angle between leg and seat surface

Distance between armrests

Pivot width

Ground clearance

Total weight

85 Kg

Package size

1170 * 650 * 1210mm


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